Welcome to Dennis' pages

Welcome to my pages. On these pages I tell the web about my electronics projects.
These pages were created mainly to support my Minimig project. Minimig is a recreation of the Amiga computer in an FPGA. This project drew a lot af attention in the classic Amiga user groups. Therefore, the Minimig project has been made available as an open-source / open-hardware project on this site.

Besides the Minimig project, which is a digital system, I also like to design analog stuff. So don't be surprised when things like tube-amplifiers, transmitters or remote-controlled light dimmers appear on this site. But for now, have fun and don't forget to visit the links section!

Latest news / updates / changes

05-12-2007 The bitstream files for Tobias Gubener's latest port to the Terasic DE1 and DE2 Altera boards are now available at the download section. Links section updated too.
28-10-2007 The bitstream files for Tobias Gubener's port to the Terasic DE2 Altera board are now available at the download section
07-10-2007 The latest firmware and core builds for Minimig are now available at the downloads section. Updated Minimig building tips.
03-10-2007 Fixed some errors in BOM and rev1.0 / rev1.1 schematics (J2 and IC2, please check).
30-09-2007 Added PIC programming tips.
26-09-2007 Added BOM file to download section and added preliminary second Minimig page.
27-08-2007 Added new rev1.1 PCB gerber files to download section.
26-08-2007 Added new rev1.1 PCB schematics to download section and updated links.
29-07-2007 The ram chips used in Minimig rev1.0 are obsolete. A notice has been added to the Minimig/ram section.
24-07-2007 Site is now open to the public!
22-07-2007 Added gallery.
15-07-2007 Draft version of this site is now online.

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