Terasic DE0 FPGA board

I also have a Terasic DE0 FPGA board.

Since I had started with a Xilinx board, and I really wanted to get to know both Xilinx and Altera, I bought this Altera board.

You can see the important specs on the board, but some things I like:

72 usable I/O pins

4-bit VGA instead of 1-bit on the Xilinx board. This gives 2^(4*3) colors or 4096 colors! Yay! Much better than 8!

It’s got an SD card slot.

PS2, VGA, plenty of switches…

It’s got a reasonable size FPGA on it. This is my most recent board and most of my new designs have been using this board.

Altera’s software is much less of a brute than Xilinx’s ISE, and it compiles faster. It sucks because the web version(free) limits you to one core and I’m on quad-core machine.

But I’ve been very happy with the board. I’ve managed to get a working SDRAM controller on it too!

My amiga video scan converter project is based on this board.


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