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I made some changes at my provider. I now have access to mysql which really opens up the world of various add on packages. I didn’t initially need or look for this support, but I have it now. I also have a lot more storage and transfer bandwidth per month —- but I’m not coming even close to the current limits.

I’ve changed from blogger.php, which was super simple to install, basic no frills to WordPress. I really liked the way I was able to integrate blogger.php into my site — it required minor effort. Because WordPress has lots of options, the overall setup to integrate into my site isn’t as straightforward. Certainly my HTML/php skills are lacking and so this really doesn’t help. I will say installing WordPress was easy. Very nice software, very flexible, very pretty. Obviously I’m using my CSS stylesheet in order to keep everything integrated with the site, so I suppose it’s not as nice as the default kubrick style.

For now, all the blog options are at the bottom of the current postings, so logging in, registering, etc will be there. I would like to have the options on the right at the top of the page, but heck if I can convince Dreamweaver and apache to cooperate.

I manually moved all the old posts over to the new blog, so nothing is lost, including date stamps, images, embedded links, etc. Little do I know someone made a stinkin’ wordpress import utility, but it really took me under an hour or so to move the 15 posts……

In any event, WELCOME. More content will be coming online — and be on the look out for more changes.


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