Bug Katcher on Agnus

I swear I already posted about this but heck if I can find the post.  Anyways, here’s a photo of a bug katcher installed on Agnus on a Commodore Amiga 500.

This gives me the ability to attach a logic analyzer to Agnus which is normally difficult because of the PLCC package that Agnus uses.  You insert the bug katcher into the PLCC socket on the amiga motherboard, and then plug agnus into the katcher.  You can then attach the logic analyzer leads to the labelled (very nice) pins on top of the bug katcher. And speaking of labels, how cool are the HP logic analyzer leads that are also color coded and also labelled with the numbers.  In both cases, this really helps prevent making mistakes when hooking up the test equipment.

The one I’ve got is here.



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  • Hello,

    nice setup. I which I had this too.
    Anyway, to spy on custom chip access, connections to Denise or Paula are enough.
    The interesting stuff I do not know about Agnus is the DRAM access, especially with the early read cycle (Blitter D or Floppy read DMAs).
    Keep us posted.