• Hi Bart,

    Yeah, just a tick over $1k. Like I said in my “motivation” section, the point I chose was fairly arbitrary…

    That cleverscope is pretty neat. The interface looks pretty professional and the features look complete. Nice website/videos too.

    Forgive me if I’m just restating the obvious, and I haven’t really looked that closely into the product, but it looks like the focus of the product is really the SCOPE part. Versus logic analyzer capabilities. So not sure of it’s place on my chart.

    Some of the math functions, spectrum fft, easy copy and paste, exporting, etc all look pretty neat.

    Thanks for commenting!

  • Hello!

    PoScope basic 2 costs from 155$. It is PC USB oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, chart recorder, 8/16 bits logic analyzer, pattern generator and PWM/square generator.
    It might be interesting for your comparision.

    best regards, Boris

  • While I think the POScope is in fact an interesting product, I think its sample rate is much too slow.

    I addressed this on the logic analyzer page to begin with, because I knew someone would mention it.


  • The comparison chart is a great place to start. If you could add a column for linux support. That would make it a great tool for finding tools and companies that support open source.

  • Nice roundup. The new Logic 16 from Saleae is definitely worth of adding to the list. It might be a bit of work, but a column on OS support would be cool. Saleae is one of the only that actual supports Linux (and OS X).