java software updated

Tonight I’ve finally got around to adding a config file option so that you don’t have to keep selecting a comport to open.  It also remembers your “number of retries” before skip options.

Simply little editable text file.

I’ve got to work next on getting error-retrying working correctly.


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  • I spent some more time today on the read/write of the config file. Its not bulletproof by any imagination, but it will do the trick. There are some strict requirements on the type of serial port that can be selected, although I can’t rule any out in advance, I’ve gotta let it error out to tell if its acceptable.

    It any event, the software intelligently filters out non-serial ports, and displays them in a OS-native naming. It’s not locked to COM1, COM2, etc etc, but instead queries the names from valid matching serial ports. On linux, it shows /dev/ttysx, or whatever.

    As I mentioned above, I really have to implement some better error-checking and retrying.

    Once that gets finished, the whole solution should be fairly usable. There are some other longer term goals that will need to be looked at, and a couple odds and ends, but other than that, it’s coming together nicely.

    Stay tuned.