first day back

first day back

You know, I always hate the “first day back” working on a project.  Things always seem to get screwed up between the time I last worked on a project, and that day.  Even if nothing has changed. Or so I say.

I came back and starting getting a lot of “SYNC errors.”  A sync error occurs whenever the software thinks it’s reading track #20, and for whatever reason the drive is giving data for track #21 — or some different track.

That was this time’s problem.  I really don’t know what changed or what affected it, but I decided to slow the thing down a little bit, and that seemed to solve the problem.  Right now 50ms seems to fix it, but I’ll lower that, and more importantly dig a little deeper to see if I can figure out why the heck I need that.

50ms doesn’t seem like  a long time, but I really don’t like it after I spent so much optimizing this thing to be as fast as possible.  I was trying to go back in time with the software, to see if maybe something like my updated receive UART code was screwing things up, but it didn’t help much……


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  • I bumped the delay to 10ms, and all seems right.

    Something was getting out of sync, and adding the small delay seemed to allow enough time for everything to reset.

    I attempted to read about 85 disks, and about 46 of them read perfectly….. While I’m pretty sure my error correction algorithm junk would help, I might revisit the way I read the pulses.