logic analyzers

I’ve recently received a couple emails on additions to the logic analyzer page.

Once I get some time to check them out, I’ll make the corrections.

I’ve been super busy with life — switched jobs after 11+ years at the same company..  Learning new people, new things, etc  Baby is keeping us busy too.

I picked up a Nikon D300 camera which is awesome……

More to follow once I get some time to play around



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  • Hello! I’ve just stumbled across your blog, and I’m excited to read all about it. I’ve just started looking at doing something similar with an Atmel AVR, but for a CP/M single board computer instead of the Amiga.

    I’m only just learning about doing MFM decoding. It seems to be a terrible mess, but when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. I’m sure it’ll be a fun challenge!

  • Hi Seth.

    I’m excited to have you here — welcome!

    There was a frequent commenter here, Tim, who used an AVR — right hand side links Flash/SD link……

    This idea could certainly work for a variety of different disk formats, but would obviously need modified to support it. I don’t have my code up anyplace easily accessible. It’s a mix between SX/B (BASIC), with assembly doing all the important stuff. I can throw it up here if that would help.

    MFM decoding itself isn’t terribly hard at all — it’s just the goofy Amiga way of separating ODD and EVEN bits across a sector that make decoding it not-super-straight-forward. I’m not aware of any other formats that do that type of thing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there quirks about those too. 🙂

    I really enjoyed this project, but recently just don’t have enough time to dedicate to it…. Maybe that will change, but for the time being, I’m limited to what I can do.