upgraded Tivo HD serial 652

I followed the instructions at but when I tried to expand the partition after the copy, it failed with the following error:

Primary volume header corrupt, trying backup.
Secondary volume header corrupt, giving up.
mfs_load_volume_header: Bad checksum.
Unable to open MFS drives.

So I downloaded the MFSLive Linux Boot CD 1.4 from

and issued the command mfsadd -x /dev/sda -r 4.  Where /dev/sda is the name of the destination copied drive that needs expanding, from cat /proc/partitions.

Everything (edit: did not — see below) work(ed) perfectly.  I would probably just suggest following the FAQ/guide for MFSLive Boot CD, using the backup/restore commands.

The drive I bought was the Western Digital 1.5TB green drive from newegg.


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  • Just to close out this thread, Tivo HD, serial 652…. has a 32-bit limit on the number of sectors a harddrive can have. As a result, the partition is limited to around 1.1TB. I tried a much larger partition and it did _not_ work.

    I ended up using a 1TB drive, and using the backup & restore commands to copy the old 160g drive to the 1TB drive.

    The thread on forums is here

    I used option 1.6 (quick way but lose recordings) from here

    The command was

    backup -qf 9999 -so – /dev/hdc | restore -s 128 -r 4 -xzpi – /dev/hdd

    My drives were /dev/sda and /dev/sdb — your mileage will vary based on where you plug-in your sata drives.

    Just using dd and mfsadd w/ the mfslive cd produced a Tivo that would never full boot — and would just lockup at a gray screen. Pressing the Tivo button would give me a menu with no background. And then it would reboot shortly after that.