more ordering of parts, soldered pins for lcx245 parts

So I was looking everywhere for a female-female header cable that has the right number of pins, to basically interface the Denise IC DIP Clip to my level converting solderless breadboard.  I couldn’t seem to find them, although I can’t believe they aren’t more popular.

However, I stumbled on Pololu, who I knew I’d be ordering from one of these days.  They have wires with precrimped terminals, and the associated housings to make your own custom header cables. I think this is perfect.  I’ll have one side be male to plug into the solderless breadboard, and the other side female to interface with the DIP Clip. Should be a pretty clean solution.

My LCX245 board needed the pins soldered on, so I did that yesterday, and tested each of them with a multimeter to make sure it was successful. I need to get a lamp magnifier, as I could use the help when soldering.

I’ve got more Verilog work to do, although I think I’ve got the majority of the high level design stuff done. Finally the hardware pieces and parts are coming together so I get this thing actually interfaced with my amiga.



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