Parts ordered for the A501 replacement card

Parts ordered for the A501 replacement card

I placed an order yesterday for some prototyping parts to get this project off the ground.

Some of the key parts are:

  • ISSI 256kx16 SRAM chips. IC SRAM 4MBIT 25NS 44TSOP
  • A surfboard to do 44-pin TSOP II to DIP.  Wish me luck soldering this one! .8mm between pins. (highly recommend for these types of adapters!)
  • Some 56-pin dual row 2×28 female headers .1 on center and row. CONN FMALE 56POS DL .1″ R/A GOLD
  • Some 74LS logic chips.  Hopefully this will be fast enough, but if not, we go to ALS!
  • Another solderless breadboard. More wires.

I want to get these in, get that memory chip soldered, get the logic chips on the boards, get them wired up.  I want to test the logic to make sure the timing is correct prior to even attaching the SRAM chip — and certainly before it gets attached to the Amiga.

I’ve got a preliminary schematic drawn up, but I’m not publishing anything until I’m reasonably certain this is going work!



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