Ground issues

Although I’ve been attempting to have a common ground for this whole project — I’m not sure that is going to happen. At least not at this stage of the game. I tried connecting the ground off the floppy drive to the ground on the tech board, and the floppy drive refuses to read a disk after that. Even connecting a scope to a different ground than what powers the 74HC132, is enough for the amiga to stop reading the disks.

I’m attached right now to the daisy-chain port of the floppy drive. Since this is a bus, I can sniff the data going from the amiga to the floppy with my circuit. This isn’t really ideal, and perhaps tommorow I will buy necessary items to be in between the two. It might be a little more direct, and will be closer to the final application.

Eventually, of course, my application will be controlling the disk drive — but if I can’t get the data read properly then it’s fruitless.


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