more followup winIO vs inpoup32

I did a little informal write test.

A small tight loop that simply raises pin 1 and then lowers it again. Both in as little code as possible, as clean as possible.

WINIO: Total time to raise and lower again, 2.5us.

inpoup32: Total time to raise and lower again, 11.3us.

wow. Big difference. I didn’t expect there to be such a noticable difference. Literally 4.5x slower, or faster depending on how you look at it.

So I guess WinIo is considerably faster than inpoup32. I would guess read performance might be similar.

Also, I did another test. I did a write high, a get, a write low, and a get. Basically two writes and two reads. Reads and writes take exactly the same time on both programs.

So, WinIo was 5.1 us for 2 r’s and 2 w’s.

inpoup32 was 22.6 for 2 r’s and 2 w’s.

BTW: I think its technically inpout32, but the function name is oup32, so who knows. The links to the site are a post or two back.

So my hope that inpout32 would be faster is dashed…….. winIo looks good — I gotta figure out this MapPhys business.


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