Speed of the reading on the PC

Ok, well I’m now satisfied that the PC is fast enough to do its portion of this job, using the standard WinIo dll. I managed to redo a portion of the code so it’s faster, and the total time on the PC is 6.5us for everything, for each full cycle. What a full cycle is :

put pin 1 low
wait for pin 10 to come high
read the byte
put pin 1 high
wait for pin 10 to go low


I wrote a small piece of code on the SX to basically just send a bunch of integers as fast as the PC will take it to simulate this. The SX is plenty fast here, and it reacts so much faster than the PC, it’s crazy.

My next step is to review the SX code to make sure I’m not losing too much time in my routines. I will roughly calculate some sort of average…. so I have best and worst case scenario’s.


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