new face of the amiga floppy project

new face of the amiga floppy project

You’d think that with the lack of posts lately that I haven’t been doing anything.

BUT, in fact, I’ve been quite busy.

I now have the entire floppy project on one single circuit board, the SX28 protoboard.

See for a link to it.

What’s really nice is that the protoboard has pads for surface mount stuff, and my ram fit perfectly on it. I think it’s designed for slightly wider surface mount stuff, but it worked.

Old recent pictures:

Old Floppy pic 1

Old Floppy pic 2

BUT, the new floppy project looks like this:

New floppy pic 1

What’s nice is that everything is integrated into one board, and there is no extra SOIC8 to DIP adapter, etc. Much cleaner.  Most of the wiring is below the board, and I’ll take better pictures in a little bit.

Best part of this whole thing is that the new board actually fully functions.  A minor problem here or there, but I fixed it in short order!


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  • Neat. I was surprised to discover through your link that SX proto board costs only ten bucks. I wonder if my local store has these.

    What is that bunch of colored wires running from under your board?

  • Hi again Tim!

    Yeah $10.00 is cheap. It gives you all the power regulation, caps for noise, a socket for crystals, the SX itself, and so on. Great deal for $10.00 !!

    You still need something to program the board with, however, but even their debugger/programmer is reasonably priced.

    The colored wires you see is an input probe from my Intronix LA1034 logic analyzer.

    See this post for details

    and see

    for a picture of it.