switching design from DRAM to ALTRAMs

So as my last couple posts alluded to, I’ve been having problems with my DRAM-based design.

My controller isn’t dual-port.

And I’ve been trying to wrap my head around a time-slot method for arbitration.  And optimizing memory controllers.

Then it struck me — my incoming and outgoing data rate access to the memory is exactly the same.  Because my output is twice the resolution, but half the frequency, the per-frame time is the same for 640×400 @ 32khz as for 320×200 @ 15.7khz.

So if the data rates are the same, what’s stopping me from just putting a little buffer in-line, and forgetting all this complicated DRAM access time issues?

I ran it past my super smart friend Brian, and he’s thinks it’s a fine idea.  He recommended perhaps a three line buffer, using separate rams for each line, cycling through each buffer for each incoming/outgoing line.

I’m convinced that the simplest solution is always the best solution which leaves less room for error.

I’m excited about having a new way of moving forward on this. I’ve been stagnant for a couple weeks but that is changing soon enough.



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