Bought a HP 16700A logic analyzer

So I recently bought an HP 16700A Logic Analyzer which is a large mainframe type unit. It has (3) 16715A modules in it capable of a total of 200+ channels of logic analysis at up to 667mhz.

I’m pretty happy with the unit and built an equipment cart to support it.

Information on the HP unit can be found here.

equipment_cartPictured here is the top shelf (an Amiga 500, of course) on an anti-static mat.  There’s a monitor arm for moving around the 20″ LCD. I have added a cherry G84-4100 keyboard and a trackball so I have more room on my sliding keyboard shelf that I built. The Logic Analyzer itself is on the second shelf, and room for storage etc is on the bottom.

The equipment cart was made out of 2×2 solid poplar, with birch-veneered plywood for the shelves.

The HP is network connected with built in web-server for remote control, FTP, and is a full fledged HPUX system in itself.

David Partridge’s site has useful information. As does the HP agilent yahoo group.

This is easily the most powerful and capable logic analyzer that I own, and I’m glad to have added this tool to my arsenal. I’m currently working on a soon to be released, but in BETA a project involving the A500.


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