• Thanks for the comment.

    I’ll probably offer a few different things. First, everything will be open-source/hardware. Everything will be available online. This won’t be done too early though — until the design is proven and works 100%, I won’t be publishing schematics or board files. I really don’t want someone building something that doesn’t fully work.

    I’ll make the BOM available for anyone that wants to order, including the digi-key part numbers, who has become my vendor of choice purely because of good availability of needed parts.

    Second, I’ll sell the boards.

    Another option will be a kit with the PCB plus parts.

    Lastly, I’ll offer a fully assembled and tested version. I’ll need to calculate how long it takes me to solder and test these things, and then add a charge appropriately. There might be some lead times associated with this — it will be done after I put my 40+ hours/week in at my day job……nights and weekends…

    All in all, I’m really not looking to profit beyond covering my costs…..this isn’t a commercial venture. If I can break even +/- when I’m completely finished, I’ll be happy.