All SMT parts on order, rough idea of parts costs

So all the SMT parts have been ordered for the prototype PCB.  Once they come in, I’ll be testing the placement of the parts on top of a printed layout to see if the chips/parts match the layout — if there was a package screw up, and so on.

This board was never optimized for cost per se, but here’s what the major components cost:

  • 56-pin dual row 2×28 female header connector: $3.99
  • SRAM chips: $4.47
  • Real Time clock: $6.13 (Yow!@#)
  • Battery Supervisor: $2.12

So there’s still some other misc parts (resistors, capacitors, battery holder, other logic ICs) so I could easily be at $20 in raw parts.  That’s higher than I’d like, but whaddya gonna do.

Plus, there’s also the PCB cost itself too, which shouldn’t be horrible.


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