Circle of HOPE 2018 presentation on HomeBrew 68K retro-computing

I delivered a presentation at Hackers On Planet Earth in July 2018 in New York City.

For a few different reasons, that presentation was cut short. I decided to rerecord the delivery of the presentation and make it available on my site. I have new found respect for people who make these videos. There’s multiple layers involved to get everything just right. I’m not sure I met that bar, but without further ado

I’ll be following up shortly with a link to some source code.



Amateur Electronics Design Engineer and Hacker

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  • I really enjoyed the video. I had Ataris, not Commodores.. But now I have both.. Along with sgi, hp and Dec unix hardware.. For the same reason you want to build your own computer.. To learn… Easier to learn on a simpler model..

    Anyway, with your fpga knowledge, I was wondering if you were interested in creating a pure fpga solution… Using a mister fpga. Seems like a perfect fit for you…

    I’d love to do what you do.. I’m working on it.. Getting my hands dirty with multiple assembly languages. Will move on to fpga in the future.. I have a de 10 nano mister setup I can use