added version control and another command

I’ve really wanted version control for a long time.  The ability to go back and undo diverse changes across sessions is valuable.  I also feel a little safer and don’t mind doing semi-destructive edits because I can also go back a rev or two if necessary.

For this, I’m using a combination of subversion and tortoisesvn.  They both work very well.  Understanding the paradigm that is version control isn’t intuitive, but both these programs have great help files (including free oreilly book) and I’m up and running in no time.

What’s great is that version control works with any type of data…. programs, web site stuff, images — you name it.

I’ve been in the process of cleaning up my software a little.  I added an “Are you there?” command to the SX code, so that the SX replies with “Y” when receiving an “A.”  This is nice to check to make sure the code is alive, running, and in command mode vs stuck someplace else.

I don’t like my timing on my SENDUSB routines because what works vs what’s on paper isn’t adding up.  I am getting a little corruption every now and again, but simply doing a new “dump” from memory works again.  So either the “read from fram” routine is flaky or the usb transmit routine is flaky.  The read routines are very simple, and not timing dependent, so I think they are ok.  I have to deal with the FTDI USB chip’s UART, and that I have to be pretty close with……

I still have to automate this stuff. I’m almost afraid to finish it for fear of it not working.  That might just be the time at 2:44am speaking.

I’ve also been plugging away doing a schematic and PCB layout in Eagle.  Although a PCB isn’t in the NEAR NEAR future, I have to find a way to clean this up, even it means just screwing the boards to piece of wood or something.  It just looks ugly, and unmanagable.

Stay tuned.



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