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While I’m on vacation this week, I’m reading a book about making your own circuit boards using Cadsoft’s Eagle.

Eagle is a schematic capture and board layout program that seems pretty popular and supports full professional uses, and is free for two-layer boards(amongst other restrictions). The restrictions are pretty minor, and it seems quite usable for my purposes.

link to book on amazon via tinyurl
Pretty good book for hobbyists, and is essentially an Eagle tutorial. The book is more than just a tutorial, and I think its very useful. It was the most updated book on the topic I found, which is copyright 2004. It also lists several other PCB programs that are competition to Eagle, and gives you a mini-review.

Obviously, I’m just getting the hang of Eagle, and managed to get a nice library that includes a Parallax SX28 controller in it. This will make the schematic process easier.


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