RTC Progress

RTC appears to be working and keeping the date and time across cold-starts.

I picked the Epson RTC-72423 which is about a $6 chip, but is obviously directly compatible with the OKI Semiconductor MSM6242B.  The design, including the battery supervisor, had never been tested — not even as a prototype… and appears to have worked the first time!

I needed to do a “setclock reset”, set the date via “Date 28-Dec-13 02:26:00” command, and then did a “setclock save”  Subsequent setclock loads brings it back!

More thorough testing needs to be done, but initial indications look real nice!


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  • Didn’t fire the Amiga up for a couple days, powered it on, did a setclock load, and voila, the RTC clock is definitely keeping the time now!