Workbench booted up with the new card installed!

For those of you who might not get the significance, workbench loads a number of libraries into the extended fast memory on bootup.  As you can see in this image below, more fast memory is actually being used than the chip, onboard memory immediately after bootup.



Amateur Electronics Design Engineer and Hacker


  • Hello,

    Just wanted to commend you on your fantastic work! I’ve always wanted to mess with creating classic Amiga expansions / add-ons, but have never quite had the time – can’t wait to see what else you’re able to pull off

    All the best

  • Thanks very much for your comment!

    Creating new hardware devices using new chips, new design packages, new software but interfaces perfectly to classic hardware is a ton of fun!

    Having the time is tough for me too, but I make it a priority, and for this project — I’ve sort of fast tracked it….a lot of my others just dragged on. Even with two holidays(and some travel) in the mix, I’m only about 2-3 months of nights and weekends…. It’s not all that much time.

    I have some other evil plans for future projects, so stay tuned!

    Thanks again.