Updated hope badge computer

Here’s the current image for the Hope Badge Computer, which I really think needs a new name. It’s not quite a badge, although the intention is for it to be portable.

Last night, I partially integrated the 4×20 LCD into the CPU. This allows me to display the current Address and databus, as well as the Program Counter of the CPU. This can be used as an indicator for CPU activity.

I tried upgrading Quartus II v. 15.0 to Intel/Altera 17.1, but it appears that the upgraded UFM controller has broken my current design. I’m now seeing garbage from my flash controller, which is causing the CPU to go off the rails.

I’ve dusted off the project, and was doing some minor refactoring to eliminate unnecessary warnings thrown during compilation. Everything seems to be working no worse for the wear!

More to come!


Amateur Electronics Design Engineer and Hacker

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