New 3M, now Desco SCS, antistatic mats arrived today


Before today, I was using a “field anti-static mat” on my HP Logic Analyzer cart. This was the cart that I built from scratch, and I think it did the trick for the most part.

But the more and more I started watching videos, and talking with people, there were much higher quality two-layer mats available. The two layers are the top (dissipative) and the bottom layer (conductive). The wrist straps (through a 10M ohm resistor, for safety) grounds to the conductive layer which is hooked up to an earth ground.

Here’s an image of my new soldering station decked out in 3M blue. I used the 3M 8831 series, and bought them from digi-key, with the datasheet here. I also bought the 2272 and 2224 wrist straps.

These mats are really high quality. Thick, smooth silky surface, great bottom layer. Comes with a dual-port wrist strap system and grounding cable. Note you do have buy the wrist straps separately.

I also bought a mat for my LA cart, but I still have to fit that one.

In the top of the picture, were my new built from scatch shelves that I just installed this weekend. Really getting the man cave outfitted properly, better organized, etc.

Visible on the right is the Rigol DS1102D and the Rigol DP832.


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