HD media, low-density format disks now readable by Amiga Floppy Project

Good news.

Got my Teac FD235HFC291/s which is now discontinued.  Just as Jens suggested, it works perfectly to read HD media that is formatted low-density.  No need to cover the hole, etc, it just works.

I read two different disks, one disk from years ago and my ever famous 0xFF and 0x00 disk from way back when.

Who knows how much the fact that the test disk was HD media screwed with me while I was trying to get this to work!!

It does take longer, 103 seconds for one disk, and 110 seconds for another.  So that’s almost twice as slow, but beggers can’t be choosers.  I notice that the drive “holds on to the data”, or doesn’t actually start pulsing the data out for an extra 500ms or so.  So each track is taking upwards of 800+ms.  I can also hear the drive doing something really goofy.  Not sure if its a re-read, or what exactly its doing.   I have to pour over those floppy specifications above to see if it mentions it.  It’s definitely doing something different.

Now how’d that darn Jens know Teac was the one to go with?  Maybe I’ll shoot him a thanks email and prod him for answers. 🙂

The right drive makes all the difference here…………….


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