Intronix LA1034

I’m seriously looking at the Intronix LA1034 logic analyzer.

It’s a USB PC-based logic analyzer.  34 channels, samples up to 500mhz, and has nice trigger options, etc.  I’ve downloaded the software, and tried it out in demo mode, and it looks pretty powerful.

I could monitor multiple pins, namely the floppy data lead, the debug ISR pin, and the memory output.  By comparing the floppy data lead and the memory output pin, I could actually see if the correct bits are being written for each.

It will store at least 1023 transitions (more if they happen inside the same sample period) and with rough numbers, this looks like I could probably store upwards of 150 – 200 bytes of data.

What I’m missing now is visibility.  I know something’s going wrong, but I can’t see it.  Sure, double 1’s are being written, but WHY.  What’s the status of the various leads when that happens?
The trigger options look nice, I’m not sure if I can trigger on a “11” written in memory mode, but they have a pre-trigger buffer.  So you can see what leads up to something happening.

They also have interpreters for displaying real data, like decoding 232 into values, etc.


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